ISO 45001 Auditor Conversion Training Course - Overview*

(3 Days)



IRCA Certified


*This intensive 3-day course is certified by the Governing Board of the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA Cert. No. 2435).

Delegates successfully completing this course satisfy the formal training requirement for individuals seeking certification under the IRCA OHSMS Auditor Certification Scheme.  


Ashbrooke's IRCA certified 3-Day ISO 45001 Auditor Conversion Training Course has been developed to progress the delegate through a series of modules, each containing a day's activities of presentation and participation; after which each successful delegate will have earned his/her classroom training qualification for certification as an IRCA OHSMS Auditor / Lead Auditor.

This course is designed for advanced health and safety management practitioners and people who audit, or will audit, in quite challenging situations like supplier audits and multiple-site audits.  It is very useful for health and safety managers, advisors, consultants, as it offers a holistic view of the range of typical management best practices, and clarifies the criteria against which an organization's system may be assessed by an external interested party to ISO 45001.  People responsible for implementing ISO 45001 will find it invaluable.

You will learn how to plan, conduct, report and follow up the results of OHSMS audits.  You will learn how to audit an OHSMS system for continual improvement, and understand the role that processes such as internal auditing and management review play in the continual improvement cycle.  The course will explain the relationship between critical system processes such as strategic improvement planning and measurement in context of ISO 45001 and a "Plan-Do-Check-Act" orientated management system.



This course is designed for those persons who have already successfully completed either a QMS or EMS Auditor/Lead Auditor training course offered by an IRCA registered training organization or equivalent. There is no requirement for the persons to be IRCA certified auditors in either of these disciplines. Evidence of meeting this prerequisite is required at the point of enrollment.

Recommended Prior Knowledge...

  • A basic understanding of general health and safety principles and underpinning national health and safety legislation is highly desirable

Knowledge of the ISO 45001 requirements may be gained by completing the respective ISO 45001 Foundation Training Course or equivalent.

Ashbrooke Quality Assurance Course Number QAS84
Published course dates are subject to change or cancellation. Ashbrooke Quality Assurance Ltd. is not responsible for any expenses incurred prior to confirmation that the course is running. Student initiated date change or cancellation is permitted only with written notice received into Ashbrooke's offices not less than ten working days prior to course commencement.

Please note that course dates are subject to change without notice.

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ISO 45001 Auditor Conversion Training Course Overview

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