Ashbrooke's virtual IRCA certified training courses are recognized by IRCA as meeting its training requirements for their auditor registration program.

Enrollment spaces are very limited ... so, early enrollments are strongly encouraged. Please contact our office directly for more program information.


Ashbrooke Quality Assurance

Ashbrooke Quality Assurance Ltd. is an independent consultancy and IRCA registered training organization, which uses its years of experience to help small, medium, large and multi-national companies work toward the internationally recognized ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 45001 management system standards.

Ashbrooke Quality Assurance

Ashbrooke has provided consulting and training services in Britain, United States, Middle East, Africa and Canada. With Ashbrooke Quality Assurance's International Head Office situated in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, we are able to serve the ever-increasing client demand for our services worldwide.

Our management consulting and training activities are available wherever your company is located. So for multinationals, Ashbrooke Quality Assurance can be used to maintain continuity throughout your organization.

We provide the expertise and commitment to ensure successful registration and development of a meaningful management system. Utilizing Ashbrooke Quality Assurance in document creating:

Ashbrooke Quality Assurance
  • Ensures project success in a timely manner,
  • Makes the most efficient use of employees time and energy, and minimizes their frustration levels, and
  • Focuses employees’ energy towards implementation of the Management System.

We provide a bottom-line price based on mature market experience.

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Ashbrooke, Quality Assurance for all businesses!

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