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Welcome to Ashbrooke's CD courses. We offer many courses, some of which are based upon International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) course certification criteria.

Ashbrooke's current training courses are offered as classroom instruction and CD self-study inter-active distance-learning formats.

Currently only classroom and self study interactive CD laboratory formats are offered with IRCA certification; these offerings include the presentation of appropriate certificates depending upon the nature of the training course.

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Key CD Features

  • Autorun startups
  • Web browser format
  • Full hyperlinked and inter-active materials and text
  • Inter-active review questionnaires
  • Inter-active review crossword puzzles
  • Active hyperlinked flowcharts
  • Exercises (currently available on selected CD materials only)
  • Examples throughout materials and text, such as forms, reports, checklists

Our activities extend from Canada to Europe to Asia to Africa to Middle East.

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Interactive CD Training Courses

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